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Our mission is to help you sell more of your product or service through masterful design and branding. Whether you need one piece of the creative puzzle or the whole enchilada, we can provide cost-effective ways to help your business stand out from your competitors in print, on the web and anywhere in between.

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About Us

Our Team

Resident Grammar Nazi and head of all things writing related (spell check? pshaw!), Alison is also our tradeshow specialist. She understands the ins and outs and “oh no!”s of it all. Alison also keeps the boring back office stuff going around here, like record keeping, talking to accountants and keeping the printer ink and the coffee stocked. Because great creative needs great editing AND great coffee. And ink. But mostly coffee.

Alison Morris

Boss Lady / Creative Writing

If experience is king, Todd should be lord over at least a small country by now. His first job in graphic design was back when “paste up” included ACTUAL paste…that sticky substance? Yeah... And STAT cameras, X-acto knives, T-squares and press type. Just ask him about his first Mac (cue dream sequence). But he keeps pace with all the latest technology too, because he loves helping clients communicate through design, no matter what the tools. (He still has mad skills with an X-acto knife.)

Todd Morris

Owner / Creative Director

Evelyn has been with Fly Creative for going on 7 years and has proven herself to be a masterful collections officer – Cruel but fair.

Evelyn Morris



You betcha!

What services do we offer? It might be faster if we tell you what we DON’T:

Wedding invitations. There, we said it. We also don’t buy media. Yeah…it’s just too tricky a business and and we would rather stick to our favorite things... the nitty gritty of design and communication.

And while we do a considerable amount of web and user interface design, we do not consider ourselves web developers or programmers by any stretch. We focus on communicating your ideas as beautifully and functionally as possible, and do not hesitate to call in experts for the back end programming when the coding is beyond our scope.

Our portfolio will give you a pretty good idea of our capabilities, so give it a look. And, if you have questions you can always contact us at 1-866-249-1955.



  • See our advertising Portfolio


    While we don’t buy media, we help many clients develop multi-media ad campaigns, working with you to create a campaign that sells.

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  • Branding


    Whether it’s a whole new brand, a brand refresh, or simply an expansion of your existing brand across new sales and marketing materials, we love working with companies to develop and maintain their brand presence—and brand integrity — across multiple media.

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  • Video


    Video has grown exponentially in popularity as a marketing tool. For many companies, great footage isn’t available, or just not in the budget, so we’ve developed a blend of typographic animation to help clients present their products and services in a more compelling manner—and keep costs down.

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  • Logos


    We’ve done so many logos over the years it would be crazy to include them all, so here’s just a sampling. Got an idea you don’t see here? Give us a call.

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  • User Interface

    User Interface

    A visually compelling and intuitive user interface can dramatically change the way your customers or clients use your website or software, helping create a more positive experience overall that makes them want to engage.

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