Our mission is to help you sell more of your product or service through masterful design and content development. Whether you need one piece of the marketing communications puzzle, or the whole ball of wax, we can provide cost-effective ways to help your business stand out from your competitors in print, on the web, and anywhere in between.


A Little bit about

FLY Creative

Fly Creative serves companies of all kinds, from Fortune 500s to two-person start-ups. No matter what the size, these things are constant: the need for great creative, flexibility, and most of all, value. You need control over your branding, control over your budget, and peace of mind that the finished product will be what you paid for. With Fly Creative you get flexibility and control.

We will work with you in the capacity you need: whether simply producing your vision, letter for letter or collaborating with your marketing team to roll out a long-term project or plan. And when you call Fly Creative, you're not talking to an admin, a receptionist or a sales rep. You're talking to the very people who will be working with you to design, write and produce what you need.

Many of our clients have been with us for more than ten years--they know they can count on us to deliver creative problem solving beyond just designing or creating a message. We love when we can become a trusted partner, not just a project contractor. Call us and find out how we can help you find your next creative solution.

These are our

Core Services


Brand Identity is the set of visual identifying characteristics that communicate who you are, what you sell and to whom you sell it. We can help you create a new brand identity, update or roll out changes across your established brand, and develop a brand strategy, too.


Print is dead? Not by a long shot. From your business card, to your advertising, to your trade show booth, looking great in print is crucial to your business. Not only can Fly Creative help you look great in print, we can also advise you on how to stretch your budget and get the highest quality printed material at the best possible price.


Let us help you make your website work harder. Whether providing information or selling a product or service, your website is very likely where your customer will go first. Make it too hard for visitors to find the info they need or buy the products they want, and they’ll leave. Your competition is only a click away. Let us help you keep them there!

Writing & Editing

We can provide you with writing, editing and proofreading across the board, creating or adopting the voice of your company or brand. Have existing material that needs to be updated? Have a list of features and benefits you need spun into a full blown brochure? Need an editor for your company newsletter? Simply need a proofreader? We’ve got you covered.


Face it: We all love video. And it's a great tool for entertaining, engaging, informing and selling—especially for websites and social media marketing. No videographer? No footage? No problem! We can help you create dynamic, engaging videos whether you have footage or not. See our portfolio below for samples.

Content Marketing

With the proliferation of new channels to reach your audience, it can be overwhelming to manage how your company engages with potential customers. Let us help you develop a plan for reaching your audience across multiple channels—web, email, social media, traditional print ads and trade shows—and help you develop, manage and deliver content that keeps your audience engaged.

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Portfolio Samples

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